Tips for staying awake after you’ve been up all night

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Unless you plan to stay cuddled up in your house avoiding sharp objects and large machinery, staying awake after you’ve been up all night is dangerous.  Unfortunately, this situation is sometimes unavoidable.  Following these three tips to stay awake can make the aftermath of a sleepless night significantly more bearable.

Top Three Tips to Stay Awake on Zero Sleep:

-Put your sense of smell to work:

Your brain might be broadcasting static, your limbs might feel like lead weights and your hair might resemble a hastily crafted bird’s nest, but after a sleepless night your sense of smell will be as acute as ever.

Do NOT deeply inhale your cup of coffee first thing in the morning.  Studies have shown that the smell of coffee more often makes individuals feel relaxed, cozy and sleepy rather than perky and bright.

DO carry a tiny bottle of peppermint essential oil, a little bottle of lotion containing peppermint oil, or even a strongly smelling peppermint chapstick such as Burt’s Bees.  The smell of peppermint is activating and invigorating.  Apply a bit of the mint oil, lotion, or chapstick so that the smell will linger.  Inhale the peppermint smell with several deep, forceful, refreshing breaths and reapply through out the day.

-Make friends with caffeine:

Okay, now that you’ve been inhaling peppermint you can have your cup of coffee.  Chronically consuming large amounts of caffeine is not good for one’s health, but increasing your caffeine quota the day after you’ve been awake all night is required.

Coffee or, if you must, a similar strongly caffeinated beverage is a good choice for the really low groggy periods that occur through out the day.  Black coffee or coffee with a touch of cream is preferred over soft drinks and energy drinks because the sugar in these beverages will leave you with a nasty drop in energy.

Green tea and green chai tea are good drinks to sip slowly through out the day.  There is less caffeine in green tea than in coffee.  You are less likely to have highs and lows and less likely to get dehydrated than if you sip coffee or Red Bull all day.

-Take a power nap:

The mystical creature known as “the power nap” really does exist.  It’s that perfect nap that lasts the perfect amount of time, leaving you feeling rested and ready to face the rest of the day (or at least the next few hours).

Research shows that the ideal nap lasts between 5 minutes to 15 minutes.  Any longer than this and you are likely to wake up feeling cranky and dull.  If possible, plan for a power nap about one to two hours after lunch.  This is when you’re likely to hit the afternoon slump.  Set the alarm on your phone or watch, get as comfy as possible, and turn your brain off for 10 minutes.

All other tricks and tips for staying awake after a sleepless night can be used to supplement the three recommendations above.  Splash your face with cold water or step outside every couple of hours. Sit near sparkly eyed, energetic powerhouse people whose infectious enthusiasm can boost your own energy.  Walk when you’re trying to describe something complex or make decisions.  Advice for functioning after a night without sleep abounds.  Figure out what works for you and use it!


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