The Homeopathic Nosode: the miracle remedy!

I recently received a question from another homeopath, on my Facebook Solomon Healing page, inquiring about the use of nosodes for CFS. Here is an excerpt from my book, about how to choose and use a nosode.

Viral or Bacterial Nosode Treatment

If one has employed a Voll, Vega or even Kinesiological screening, a viral match may be found, the most common in CFS being Cytomegalovirus, Coxsackie B1-B6 (B influenza), Mononucleosis (Glandular fever), Human Herpes virus Type 6 (HHV6), or Epstein Barr. Or if digestive issues are paramount, H Pylori may match. It is also possible that one of the “Bowel Nosodes” may match, and be chosen as part of the treatment. (See the section on Bowel Nosodes).

Let me stop here for a moment and define nosode, probably a new term to you. A nosode (from nosos, the Greek word meaning disease) is a homeopathic remedy made from diseased or pathological products such as respiratory discharges, blood, fecal, urinary, or diseased tissue or pus from an infection. It may sound awful, but the remedy, once diluted repeatedly with alcohol and water, is powerful in its ability to cure, yet harmless in terms of pathology.

If a virus or bacteria is suspected, or is diagnostically proven, a nosode should be prescribed. A common method is to take one dose of 30c of the nosode remedy every three days for three weeks. The understanding of past homeopathic practitioners has been to employ the 30c potency of nosodes only once in 6 months, but in my experience, this is simply not enough. I began my practice in this manner, and found that the patient returned in two to three weeks testing just as strongly for the virus. Yet when he took the remedy at frequent intervals for several weeks, the symptoms, and the test match disappeared in three to four weeks.

It is always possible that one may have to instruct the patient to take a short break in this treatment, to allow some intermediary detoxification to take place. There have been many occasions where a 200c of the nosode tested, possibly indicating that the person has harbored the virus, or the viral memory, for a longer period of time. In this case a dose once a week for three weeks has been effective, with doses of the 30c potency, as well, every two to three days, depending on the level of illness of the patient and his or her sensitivity to remedies. If a client/patient is extremely sensitive, it is wise to remember the “Less is more!” mantra, and leave time in between doses.

It is often the case that it is simply impossible to ascertain whether a virus is involved in the CFS patient’s ill health. Or if a virus is suspected, which one could it be? There is little to be lost by trying a shotgun treatment: a combo of viruses that are most apt to be involved. For example, Reckeweg sells a wonderful viral combo remedy simply called R88, and I often started a patient on this remedy. It included flu nosodes, Coxsackie, Epstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Simplex and others. American readers can obtain R88 at this website: http://www.EmporiumOnNet. Those of you from the United Kingdom can find it here:  There are other viral homeopathic combos available that are worth a try such as http://www.DesBio Virus Plus. However, I have no personal experience of these others, but you may find it hard to get R88.

(Also please note that some nosodes require prescriptions, so you may have to ask your medical doctor for help.)

If there is improvement after three weeks on R88 (and two or three weeks after this to rest and review), then it is time to use a 30c of an individual nosode, as per the instructions above. Which one, you ask? If you have no means to diagnose, try the R88 ingredients, in nosode form, one at a time. Yes, this may be time-consuming, but so are years and years of CFS/M.E.  But I would start with Coxsackie B4, then Epstein Barr, then Cytomegalovirus.

See Ainsworths online, in the UK:

It is essential, as well, during this nosode therapy, to employ drainage support, as described above. Without it, the patient can experience a severe aggravation of his symptoms. If the patient is severely compromised and weak, it is a good idea to prescribe the drainage remedies for approximately a week or even longer, with Vitamin C and lots of pure water, before taking of the first dose of the nosode remedy. In these weakened individuals, it is definitely safer and easier on the patient to start with a 30c of the nosode, even though the 200c may test.

Often, at this time, a single constitutional remedy will test, or be chosen according to standard homeopathic practice. If this is the case, one can also prescribe a 30c to be taken every other day, with the proviso that the vital force is strong enough (at least 80 on the Dermatron/RM10 Voll machine.) If the vital force is weakened, even this middle potency can cause an aggravation, an undesirable reaction in a compromised individual. If there is any doubt, it is preferable to wait until gentle drainage and nosode work has been completed, sometimes as little as three to four weeks, but often longer. Each patient is different, and will recover at a different speed. A patient whose vital force is depleted, (hand-to-hand reading is well below the ideal 84) is in a deeper, more chronic, and more pathological phase of disease.

FROM: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: a guide to the homeopathic treatment of CFS/M.E.



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